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Jennifer is an incredible seer and healer, and embodies a gentle but strong balance of Warrior energy and Kuan Yin's compassion. Her mandala readings are uncanny and incredibly accurate. If you are looking for the real deal to gain insightful perspective and nurturing guidance on your path, Jennifer is your woman. She truly channels from a deep, sweet, and divine place that feels authentic, affirming and empowering. I am so grateful she is in my life!
Klaudeen S., San Jose, CA

* * *

I am truly blessed by this loving being! I have been working with Jennifer for over 8 years and she has always directed me with loving care. We have worked on medical issues, personal growth & intuitive guidance.  
A very gentle soul. I call her Teacher, Friend & Soul Sister.
Leane F., North Port, FL

* * *

My mom and I separately saw Jennifer for the first time recently.  We both had an amazing experience.  She put me at ease from the very beginning and was able to get to the core of many issues in my life.  I left feeling empowered, grounded and clear minded.  Many of the things she said have continued to resonate and help me in my every day life in a very profound way.  I am excited to see her again and continue my work with her.
Angelie T., San Francisco, CA

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I had my first reading with Jennifer yesterday.  It was a phone reading, and Jennifer was able to immediately make me feel at ease and open.  She gave me some really meaningful feedback on things that were going on in my life currently, and also some insight into my future.  We did an energy healing session to close out the reading, and afterwards, I felt like I had just slept for 8 hours!  Amazing.  I highly recommend seeing Jennifer if you are looking for this type of experience.
Kathy S., Breckenridge, CO

* * *

Jennifer has a very warm and nurturing presence. Through some of my challenging times, she has been supportive of my own personal development. Not only is she gifted as an intuitive healer, she has an impressive academic background with a master's degree in transpersonal psychology and pursuing her PhD. Therefore, she was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand myself on both an intuitive and intellectual level.
Kirk A., San Jose, CA

* * *

"I have never had an intuitive reading like the ones I have had with Jennifer Smith. In the past, I've viewed such things as fun and interesting - but mainly for entertainment purposes. Now I know, without a doubt, that it is so much more than that with the right person!

* * *

Jennifer is extremely insightful, articulate, and talented at what she does. Through our work together, I not only discovered that I was on track with pursuits in my personal life, but that there were changes I could make in my professional life to increase the success of my business. And I made those changes and it worked!

* * *

Jennifer is a gift to whomever chooses to work with her. I highly recommend her services."
Rebecca Carswell, B.S., CHt
Clinical Hypnotherapist

* * *

Jennifer has helped me tremendously with important choices in my life in her lovingly, detached way.  She is so kind and delivers what needs to be heard with compassion and a selfless heart.  Her prescence always impresses me, the way Spirit flows through her. Jennifer is a gifted intuitive, tuned into another world of helpful, relavant information to assist us with life's decisions.  She brings forward clear information that no one could know without tapping into a higher source.  Everyone I have talked to that has recieved a reading from her says the same.  Her service provides clarity.  She is of great help when we need to turn a corner and make a shift from old patterns.  I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.
Scott Beale

* * *

Jennifer has an unusual and uncanny approach to her intuitive readings.  She helped me become open with the grounding exercises - I felt very responsive to the information coming through.  Jennifer has such a light and calming voice that feels channeled from the highest place.  The information I received from the reading was not only helpful, but really accurate.  I have had many readings from her throughout the year, and feel very trusting and safe with her as a guide to help me make decisions that are to benefit
my highest good.  Thank you Jennifer for your kind wisdom!
Melanie Williams

* * *

"I thoroughly enjoyed my intuitive experience with Jennifer Smith and was very comfortable in her presence. She gave me a lot of insight into my life, as well as myself. She was amazingly accurate! Her energy work really helped me. I had injured my knee and after a session with her, my knee was 99% better! The inflammation and pain was gone! I would definitely recommend a session with Jennifer" 
Karen Wood

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