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What is an intuitive guidance session?  What kinds of questions do people ask?

An  intuitive guidance session is an opportunity  to get the questions that you have about your life answered.  Many people ask about their love relationships. Others want to know about business or their finances. Here are some examples of the questions that people often ask:  “Is this the right person for me?”  “How can I best help my son or daughter?” “Will I be successful if I start this business?” “When is my house going to sell?”  “How can I bring more abundance and prosperity into my life?” It is very useful for people to compare two different outcomes when trying to make a decision about something. For example,  a person may be trying to decide whether or not to move to a new location. They may choose to look at the outcome of staying where they are compared to the outcome of the move to a new city. Some people ask questions about their spiritual path like, “What is my life purpose or How can I strengthen my connection with Spirit?” The intuitive counselor acts as a conduit.  By tapping into high vibrational energy . you are able to receive celestial guidance about how to move towards what you most want in your life. Many people are amazed at the kind of information that comes through in an intuitive session and find them to be extremely helpful. They often say that they feel much better or more joyful after a session.


What is chakra balancing?

Chakras are the energy centers that exist within all of us. Yoga and acupuncture are based on this energy system. There are seven major chakras in the body. By opening up and channeling Universal Source Energy, the healer acts as a conduit to bring this energy to the person receiving the balancing. The healer will also pull any foreign energy  from each chakra that isn’t for the person’s highest good. An energy  healer may also cut energetic cords or help to seal holes in the aura where a person may be losing energy.


What is a past life regression?

It is a form of hypnotherapy.  By going into a deep trance, a person is able to view or experience lives that they have lived before.  In a past life regression, a person is often able to learn great deal about the  their life patterns  in the current lifetime. People have been able to heal chronic pain through past life regressions. They can gain insight about the lessons and karma that they are working through in their relationships. They may also recognize people in a past life that they are in relationship with presently. In a past life regression, a  person  has the capacity to grow tremendously. The nature of this work is deep and profound for most of those who have  chosen  to experience it.


How does a session work over the phone?

Because the energy is channeled  from a Divine Source, the information does not come from the person receiving the session. It comes from the Divine. So the person could be anywhere. Many people feel more at ease in their own space rather than in an office.


How often should I have a session/chakra balancing?

The best answer to this question is listen to your intuition. There may be times in your life where you are going through a lot and need a good amount of guidance. As a result, you may feel that you need a session every few weeks. And then there may be times when you feel centered and aren’t in need of as much external guidance. So once every four to six months is plenty. However, it is important to not become dependent on an intuitive to “make you feel better”.  


Should I believe everything that an intuitive tells me in a session?

I encourage clients to take what feels true to them and leave the rest. For some sessions it could be that 100% feels true and others only 85%. As you get better at listening to your own internal guidance system, the process of discernment will become easier.



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